What isReiki?

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 Reiki literally means “spiritual energy” -  Rei meaning spirit and Ki meaning energy. 

That being said, we are all made of energy and essentially Reiki energy is YOU! It's your inner light and the purest expression of your essence and self. 

Reiki is a Japanese system of meditative techniques created in the early 20th century by a man named Mikao Usui. It is about Spiritual development that helps us let go of anger, worry, fear, and stress to peel away the layers of emotions, thoughts etc that stop us from experiencing consistently our true self. When we are at peace, feel gratitude and live daily with compassion and balance we are in harmony with others. 

Animal Reiki is all about the philosophies and foundation that Mikao Usui provided for his students; The 5 Reiki Precepts was developed by Usui as the foundation to live by.

During a Reiki session, it is not about "doing" to the animal but focusing our true essences of compassion, love, and gratitude to creating that healing space. Thus you are a conduit of the Reiki healing (Universal Life Force) with your energy of Love and Compassion.

One method used is through Meditation or quieting of the mind. This is the most respective, gentle and non-invasive approach particularly for traumatized and or sensitive animals. Thus, we are with our animals as One, versus being separate from them and 'doing' it to them.

Many will say Animal Reiki and or Reiki for people is all the placement of the hands. In many cases that is true, especially for people. 

However, animals operate on a higher frequency thus we perceive that as being sensitive. Thus they are always in charge of their healing process, due to the fact that they recognize healing energy, thus hands-on is not always needed. Instead, the animal will show the practitioner if hands-on is needed as well as on the specific area of the body.

As a conduit and being present, the practitioner uses mental focus techniques creating a heart to heart connection with the animal. This shared peacefulness of being present has profoundly impacted the lives of both animals their caregivers. By acknowledging animals through this state of presence the practitioner is open to their amazing wisdom and healing gifts.

This shared peacefulness of being present has profoundly impacted the lives of both animals the people who care for them. As a Meditative practice, Reiki creates the bridge to the present moment of a focused, calm and balanced life!  

In Warmth & Gratitude, 


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