What Is Crystals for Animals Therapy?

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Crystal Therapy is a natural and ancient healing method based on clearing and balancing the Chakras (or energy centers) for optimal health for both humans and animals. Crystals for animals is free flowing bio-energies will promote energy healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, ie., providing chakra balancing.

What Students are saying: " 

This course is a gift for anyone who wants to heal animals. It is almost incomprehensible that there can be so much and so thorough information in one course. If you want to help your own animal but have no experience with healing, this course is for you. It is easy to follow and understand, but it is definitely not simplified! If, on the other hand, you are an animal healer, I am quite sure you will love this course and agree that it is rare to find a course that is so in-depth. Dulsanea is a very, very skilled teacher. And healer! I have several animal health education programs (reiki, animal clairvoyance / telepathy / canine craniosacral therapy ... and many more). And Dulsanea's course can be used in all of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" D.  Henningsen 

 "Extremely good match ,LOVED,meditations are amazing." Alison P.

" Good very informative, love the range of info very well put together Thank you excellent course, I've been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 30years work with people and animals wild and domestic and I'm a Certified Crystal Master your course and will recommend it... One note is that if you program a crystal to do a specific work and you cleanse it with a quartz or other cleansing stone it will also remove all the programming you intended for it.... " S. Allian

Why Crystal Healing for Animals?

 Animals, like people, are sensitive energetic beings and love crystals! Providing a crystal session for animals is quite different than for people. 

Crystals are resonating geometric forms from the Earth and match the frequencies of our energetic system - or the chakra system. Animal's chakra system is different than humans. Crystal healing is a wonderful healing modality because like Reiki, is a non-invasive, harmless technique that works on any living being. In animals, it can be used for balancing and calming emotions, reducing stress and fear, clearing energy blockages, energizing and rejuvenating the physical body, treating common ailments and assisting with both acute and chronic conditions. 

It can also be used to encourage expanded states of consciousness. Everyone has the ability to heal animals and heal themselves! Learn how you can start to help your animal and improve your overall well-being as well.