Dulsanea Naedek, Shinpiden – Animal Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner

Dulsanea's Philosophy & Training


My inspiration for working with Reiki Energy started with our family cat, named Fuligan. 

Since childhood both animals & the metaphysical world of healing (including crystals & meditation) have always held a special place in my heart – Fuligan though, opened & expanded that spiritual presence, even more, when he received his first long distance Reiki session. 

Fuligan was diagnosed initially, with Feline Hypothyroidism. When the change in diet and conventional medication was not working it was recommended he go to RADIO CAT which is a single injection of Radioiodine that gives a 98-99% cure. Well, 3 months later Fuligan started showing signs of kidney failure which was one of the risks of the Radiodine treatment.

After putting Fuligan through so many different conventional treatment modes, including driving 3 days/week for fluid injections, we just couldn't bear the pain he was in. You know the saying, you must have been at the right place at the right time?  I was and I was asked, how about Reiki? Why not!

That loving initial Reiki experience renewed my ability to connect with him deeper and intuitively understood his wishes as well as his gratitude for the love and care received. The session totally relaxed me and gave me a sense of inner peace and tranquility while I witnessed Fuligan resting comfortable, and he even washed his paws, which he hadn't done in weeks!

After several long distance sessions, his pain diminished enough to allow him to get back to self-grooming, so important for animals, and taking more nourishment. 


I noticed for myself there was a natural inner calmness as I continued to care for him. Unfortunately, the damage to his liver was taking over, but I noticed he was at peace and the other cats were back to their routines and even playing around Fuligan. 

It was clear to all of us that Fuligan welcomed the Reiki energy. His transition into the Light was easier for him, me & my family. There was an inner comfort and peace because of that heart to heart connection created with Reiki. Knowing Fuligan's true essence is alive within me is the greatest gift of all. 

Thus I knew intuitively Reiki was a gift and a calling to my heart. Since then I have created a professional practice of offering Reiki to all types of animals and their guardians/pet parents and am blessed every day with the love and compassion those animals share. 

The Gift of Reiki continues to be an amazing journey for me both professionally and personally and I know the importance of sharing this with others.

I have been Blessed to have Media coverage including radio interviews as well as several case studies posted on Sheltered Animal Reiki Association's website sharing the benefits and experiences of offering Reiki sheltered animals.


Animals are amazing, loving-sentient beings, who are here to help & guide us in the present moment. Through their unconditioned love and compassion, they help us create a rich fulfilling balanced life. It's just a matter of opening your heart to experience the energy that is available to everyone. 

 As a way of giving back, I volunteer weekly, offering sheltered animals Reiki to help decrease the anxiety of trauma, abuse, illness, as well as being in a shelter.

Working with them and their caregivers  is such an honor to be a part of their healing process - a voice for our animal companions. 

Since animals function on a higher frequency, their state of mind is present. For humans, learning what it means to "be Reiki" is a wonderful bridge that allows you to benefit from releasing stress which is instrumental in creating many serious illnesses to improving you and your animal's quality of life. It has mine. Sharing this is my passion and I am honored to teach you & be here for you so your life with your animal becomes a healing journey of compassion, love, and harmony.

Over the years Dulsanea studied with several Reiki Masters including :

  • Kathleen Lester, M.S Reiki Teacher and founder of Reiki Animal Alliance, (Dulsanea's Lineage of Shinpiden Animal Reiki Master Teacher Training) 
  • Kathleen Prasad, founder of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) with teacher Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki.
  • Lisa Powers, B.Ki, B. Ed. Usui Reiki Master

Professional Membership-

1. SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) Practitioner - Member

2  Reiki Animal Alliance Member

3. International Reiki Organization

Dulsanea's additional credentials: 

  • Animal Communicator     
  • Certified Reiki Master Crystal Healer 
  • Certified Ethereal Crystal Healer     
  • Certified Reiki & Color Therapy 
  • Masters in Social Work    
  • Personal Trainer Certifications: ACSM (American Council of Sports Medicine), ACE (American Council on Exercies), and iFiTour •    
  • Founder of the first pet sitting service called "The Pet Sitter" servicing all of Baltimore & Carroll County, Maryland 1985-1990